Can You Use Recycled Stone For Your Project?

34 StoneWith the rising cost of construction and paving materials these days, you may be wondering if you can use recycled materials, such as stone, concrete, RCA or asphalt to not only save some money on your project costs, but also to complete your construction project in a more environmentally friendly manner.  Fortunately, you will find that many types of materials serve the same purpose when they are recycled as their non-recycled counterparts, keeping costs down while also lowering the amount of construction debris that makes its way to area landfills.

For example, one popular material that is often used during roadway projects is RCA, or recycled concrete aggregate.  This useful aggregate is created by crushing concrete that has been reclaimed from locations such as sidewalks, building slabs and pavement.  Once the reclaimed materials are crushed, they are then screened for size and any metal that may be embedded within the material is removed using a magnet.  The result is an aggregate material that is as strong as any other type of aggregate but that can be made with no additional use of raw materials.

The RCA can be processed with the same specifications as any other natural aggregate.  Due to its exceptional strength, it is often used as a base material for asphalt roadways and highways.  The material also has a place in residential applications, such as for use as a base layer for walkways, driveways and patios.  In fact, if your soil is soft or wet, the properties in this recycled material have been shown to stabilize the soil so you won’t have to worry about sinking or movement.

In addition to recrushing previously used concrete to create RCA, asphalt can also be reclaimed and recrushed to be used for economical and environmentally-friendly construction applications.  In this instance, the asphalt is reclaimed following removal during road resurfacing or other types of paving or construction projects.  The material is then crushed and screened in order to be reused again during future paving, construction and maintenance projects.

Another material that is commonly used in a recycled state is crushed stone.  In this instance, the stone is removed from one application where it is no longer needed and can then be reused for another application rather than heading to a landfill.  This material is an economically-advantageous option for drainage projects or for use as a sub-base layer for concrete patios, walkways, pathways or driveways.  Although just about any type of stone can be reclaimed and recycled, some of the more common sizes you’ll find on the market are ¾” recycled stone and 1 ½” recycled stone.

When you are planning out your material needs for a paving or outdoor construction project, it is worth taking the time to consider the advantages offered by recycled materials such as concrete, asphalt or stone.  The material offers the same benefits as new, natural materials at a lower cost and also offers the added benefit of keeping construction debris out of landfills, which is a huge benefit for the environment.

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