3/4″ gravel for sale at wholesale prices. 3/4 inch gravel is available for delivery in bulk (20 ton minimum) to most of NJ & all of Staten Island. Gravel is available for pick-up at our location in East Brunswick, NJ. We offer 3/4″ yellow gravel in bulk.

Call 917-912-2900 for pricing on 3/4″ gravel delivered to NJ and Staten Island.


3/4″ Yellow Pea Gravel


3/4″ Gravel Type and Uses:

Pea Gravel Size: 3/4″ Gravel
Pea Gravel Color: yellow mixed with grey, white
Pea Gravel Uses: 3/4″ pea gravel is used for patios, driveway gravel, dog runs, gardens & play grounds. Pea gravel may be used in sub surface gas tank installations

If you need help calculating how much Gravel you need please use our Gravel Calculator

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