How Much Dirt Do I Need?

How Much Dirt Do I Need

How Much Dirt Do I Need?One of the hardest parts of planning a DIY landscaping project is trying to figure out how much dirt you need to complete your project.  Proper calculation of materials will save you from having to put your project on hold while you run out to the store or wait for another delivery because you didn’t order enough.  It will also help you avoid overbuying materials that you don’t need and then are stuck with and can’t return to the store, costing you more money than necessary and leaving you with the annoying task of having to find something to do with the extra, unused materials.

If you are considering planning and implementing an outdoor landscaping project on your own and don’t have the expertise of a landscaping professional who is experienced in being able to judge just what you’ll need, then you’ll have to find a way to figure out on your own how much dirt you’ll need to order for your project.  The good news is that a materials calculator can make easy work of the task at hand.

What is a materials calculator, you may wonder?  It’s actually a relatively simple application that can help you determine the amount of materials needed depending on the area you want to cover and the depth of the materials desired.  In fact, this application makes it so easy for you to use that all you need to know is the dimensions of the areas that you’ll be filling with dirt and all the calculations can be done automatically for you.

The calculator we offer through ATAK Trucking even allows you to figure out how much you need if you have different areas in different sizes and shapes.  One calculator works for box areas, meaning it can determine the amount of materials needed to cover square or rectangular areas.  To do so, all you need to do is to put in the length and width of the areas, as measured in feet.  When inputting these numbers, you will be prompted with the number of square feet of each square or rectangular area.

Another type of calculator works to determine the amount of coverage needed for circular areas.  For this calculator, all you need to do is to put in a single dimension, the diameter of the circular area, and the number of square feet will be calculated.

Our materials calculator allows you to combine coverage areas so you can figure out precisely what you need for your entire project.  The application lets you put in up to seven (7) different box area measurements and up to four (4) different circular area measurements at the same time.  You can, of course, put in less than this, but the flexibility of putting in so many different areas at once makes it easier for you to determine how much dirt you need for an entire project at the same time.  Once all the numbers are in, the calculator will tell you what the total coverage area is in square feet.  If you put in the desired materials depth for the coverage areas, in the blink of an eye, you will get an estimated calculation of the materials needed, measured in cubic yards.

While this type of calculator is often used to measure how much dirt or soil is needed for a project, it can also be used to calculate the amount needed for virtually any type of material that is smaller than ¾” in size.  This means you can use the same calculator to determine the amount needed for a project using materials such as sand, gravel, aggregate, crushed stone and more.

For more information about how to determine the amount of dirt or other landscaping material needed using a materials calculator, contact ATAK Trucking at 917-912-2900.

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