Is It Time To Turn Over A New Leaf In Your Yard?

Landscaping makeovers require fill dirt and topsoil

In order to keep real estate prices competitive, many homeowners in the northeast have become accustomed to remodeling at least a portion of the interior of their home every 5-10 years, with kitchens and bathrooms topping the list.  But those same homeowners often don’t give the exterior landscape as much consideration as the interior and façade.  Overgrown, dead and poorly laid out trees, shrubbery and flower beds can just as easily reduce the value of your home as an out-of-date interior.

If you are looking to increase the value of your property, have recently purchased an older home or have been living in your house for decades, it may be time to survey your property and decide if your landscape is well overdue for a complete makeover.  Young and healthy trees, bushes and sod, along with freshly laid topsoil and mulch will provide years of outdoor enjoyment as well as increased value.

Don’t hesitate to rip out old trees and shrubs that have become woody, storm-damaged, unhealthy, or that have simply outgrown the space in which they were originally planted.  Many times shrubs that require full sunlight may have been originally planted in a sunny area, but if the tree canopy has risen over the last few decades, the shrub’s location may now receive only shade. In a case such as this, it may be time to remodel your landscape.

To get started, clear out all of the areas you wish to update and prepare the ground for replanting.  Frequently, the soil that remains will be nutrient deficient if it has not been well maintained on a regular basis.  Fill in any holes with fill dirt and lay the appropriate variety of topsoil in the planting areas of your yard according to the design plan.  Topsoil varieties play a crucial role in determining the ability of your greenery to flourish because each soil has unique properties that meet the needs of certain plants.

If you are planting grass seed or laying sod, keep in mind that the sod base should allow the roots to penetrate and provide for proper drainage. Some soil contains too much clay and may be very compacted, which is not ideal for growing grass because air and water aren’t able to reach the roots. Other soils may have too much sand, which won’t allow water and nutrients to remain in the root zone. Choosing suitable topsoil for sod means lower maintenance and lower water requirements in the long run.

Shrubs and trees come in varieties suitable for growing in all types of soil conditions, light levels and climates.  They are often planted as living fences, as a focus or anchor of a landscaping design, or as foundation plantings.  The right topsoil to be used in these locations will depend on the variety of the plantings in any particular area, but keep in mind when adding new soil around existing trees that it may raise the grade around them which can damage or kill the roots. Consider building a low partition made of block, brick or other building material around the tree in order to keep the proper grade.

You will want to complete the project with the preparation and planting of flowerbeds and gardens.  A variety of plantings will help prevent runoff from higher elevated areas as well as keep your yard beautiful and fragrant.  Lay a good base of garden topsoil before planting flowers, plants and vegetables.  It will provide the proper nutrients and allow the right amount of water to flow to the plants’ roots.

When taking on a large project such as the entire yard, it is often more beneficial to order bulk delivery of topsoil or dirt, rather than purchasing individual bags at the store.  Once your project has been completed, your updated yard will be a place that you enjoy spending your free time most and should also prove to increase the value of your home if it is time to sell.

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