Crushed Stone
Crushed stone and or rocks supplied in the Northeast generally include 3/8″ Crushed Stone, 5/8″ Crushed Stone, 3/4″ Crushed Stone, 1 1/2″ Crushed Stone, 2 1/2″ Crushed Stone, Stone Screenings, and “DGA” Dense Graded Aggregate. All crushed stone materials have different uses and applications. Below is a brief overview of the different types of uses crushed stone has in the construction, building  and landscaping industries.

Stone dust 3-8th-crushed-stone 3-4"-crushed-stone 2-1-2-crushed-stone

Stone Dust or Stone Screenings – Stone Dust is used as a base for paving blocks & base for concrete paved roads and areas such as horse arenas

3/8″ Crushed Stone – 3/8 inch crushed stone is usually bluish to grayish in color. It is a clean stone that is used for driveways, drainage, and is often mixed with asphalt.

5/8″ Crushed Stone – 5/8 inch crushed stone generally has the same look and applications as 3/8 inch crushed stone, only it is slightly larger

3/4″ Crushed Stone – 3/4 inch Crushed Stone is also blue to gray in color, but its larger size has some additional uses. 3/4 inch Crushed Stone is used in driveways, but it is also used for around trees, landscaping, French drains, and as a sub-base for concrete sidewalks, concrete driveways, and patios,

1 1/2″ Crushed Stone – 1 1/2 inch Crushed Stone like most crushed stone, is blue or gray. It is primarily used for drainage, septic systems, and as a road base

2 1/2″ Crushed Stone – 2 1/2 inch Crushed Stone is blue or gray. These largest of the crushed stone products are used primarily for septic systems, & tracking pads on job sites.

3/4″ DGA – DGA or Dense Graded Aggregate is a combination of crushed stone and gravel created in a quarry process. Dense Graded Aggregate is used as a base material for driveways or walkways, road base, or a  base for interlocking walls.

If you have any questions on what type of crushed stone to buy for your project call Tom at 917-912-2900

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