Memorial Day Has Many Homeowners Thinking About Sand

Summer has homeowners thinking about sand

With Memorial Day ringing in the unofficial start of summer, many people in the Northeast flock to area beaches to enjoy their first few carefree days of the season.  But not everyone spends their holiday weekend lazing on the sand or staring off into the still-chilly surf.  For quite a few homeowners, the chance to enjoy a long weekend at home means that outdoor projects can get started and things can get checked off the to-do list.

Sand is a material that is used by homeowners in the area for a number of types of outdoor projects.  Whether you are working on a new landscape design, building a patio or creating another type of hardscaping feature in your backyard, it’s more than likely that you’ll need to order some sand to get the job done right.  While the sand you’re thinking about may not evoke the carefree feel that is associated with the lazy, hazy days of summer, ordering mason sand, beach sand or other types of fine sand to get your projects done will leave you with an amenity at your home that you and your family are sure to be able to enjoy all summer long.

Why is sand so important to so many outdoor projects?  The material is used to level surfaces, to aid in drainage and as an addition to masonry projects, just to name a few.  The versatile material is not often seen but is generally used under the final surface layer.  However, some homeowners like the idea of bringing the shore home and may even want to create their own faux beach right in their own backyard!

If you just need a small amount of sand to complete your project, it’s usually best to make a trip to the local home improvement store or nursery to buy the material by the bag.  However, if your project calls for larger quantities, it’s best to look into a bulk sand supplier that can provide you with better pricing, as well as the ease of delivery right to your home.  The materials can be left right on your driveway so all you need is a shovel and/or a wheelbarrow to get the white stuff where it needs to go.

Whether you spend your upcoming Memorial Day weekend relaxing on the sand of our beautiful New York or New Jersey beaches, or you get a jump start on summer projects around the house, all of us at ATAK Trucking wish you a very happy holiday!

For more information about the types of sand offered by ATAK Trucking in NJ and Staten Island, or to schedule bulk delivery of sand, contact us at 917-912-2900.


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