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Do You Have Enough Rock Salt?

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The winter of 2015-2016 certainly started off on the mild side, with many predicting that temperatures would be higher than normal and snowfall would be lower than is typically seen in the Northeast thanks to an El Nino winter.  However, it’s easy to see how just a single storm can leave municipalities, businesses and residents paralyzed […]

It’s Time To Order Rock Salt

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The month of December welcomes in the winter season, and in the Northeast, that usually means you can expect some snow and ice in the not too distant future.  Whether weather conditions warrant it immediately or not, now is the time that property owners, contractors and municipalities should be making plans in order to ensure that they ha […]

Why Continue to Use Rock Salt With So Many Options Now Available

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Old man winter is back and the forecast is already calling for a very snowy season.  Today’s culture is much more accommodating of employees working from home with remote access to their company’s computer network.  But even in this WIFI- friendly era, most of us still need to dig our car out from last night’s snowfall and brave the peril […]

How To Deal With Icy Surfaces

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As winter rolls in, thoughts turn to icy conditions on roadways, walkways and driveways.  One of the biggest concerns at this time of year is how people will get around, whether on foot or on four wheels, without being a victim of slippery surfaces.

When it comes to major roads, state departments of transportation are in charge of keep […]

Get Out The Rock Salt! Another Cold And Snowy Winter Forecast

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Few can forget the winter we had in the Northeast last year, with record snowfalls and colder than average temperatures.   Municipalities, businesses and homeowners spent much of the 2013 – 2014 winter season digging out from under piles of the white stuff and using more than their fair share of rock salt.  Although it’ll be hard to top l […]

Rock Salt: What Would We Do Without It Right Now?

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If you’re like many people living in New Jersey, New York or throughout the Northeast, you likely don’t give much thought on an everyday basis to rock salt. That is, until the snow starts to fall, or like today, the roads become covered with slick and impassable ice.

Rock salt is the key to keeping roads free from ice and snow – a must […]

Winter Storm Watch for NJ and NY, Opening early for Rock Salt orders

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We are opening early for Bulk Rock Salt orders. Call Tom 917-912-2900 for Rock Salt availabilty and pricing anytime after 7:30 AM, Tuesday or Wednesday Jan 6th and 7th. Atak Trucking will offer extended business hours prior to, and during the winter storm season.

Below is the recent winter storm watch report for the New Jersey and New […]

Rock Salt- Article about shortage

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Below is an interesting article which discusses the Rock Salt shortages expected for the 2009 winter. 

Road salt shortage, soaring prices vex states
Public works directors hope to make it through the winter

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. – Dave Barber did the math. Now Peoria’s public works director is crossing his fingers and hoping h […]