The Benefits Of Using Recycled Materials

Recycled construction materials

If you are looking for a way to save money on your next construction project while also helping to save the environment, recycled construction materials may be something you want to consider.  The type of project you are undertaking will determine if using materials that are recycled or reclaimed are feasible, but one place that it is certainly worth looking into choosing recycled as opposed to new materials is when you need various types of stone, concrete, asphalt or aggregate materials.

There are numerous construction materials that can easily be reclaimed and then reused for another purpose.  Common ones include concrete and asphalt that is reclaimed from locations such as roads, streets, sidewalks and curbs.  Once reclaimed, the material is then recrushed, making it suitable for a new application with no drawbacks compared to using new materials.

Opting for recycled construction materials over new materials can save you a substantial amount of money on a construction project and will not negatively impact your finished product in any way.  Saving money is often the biggest draw for selecting recycled over new materials, but it is not the only benefit.  Additionally, by using materials that are reclaimed from a prior application where they are no longer needed or being used, you can help to prevent the heavy and voluminous materials from filling up area landfills.  This adds to the sustainability of your building practices and is good for the environment.

If you have been considering ways to save money and/or protect the environment as you plan for your next construction project, consider the benefits offered by using recycled stone, concrete, asphalt or aggregate materials.  It’s not only good for your bottom line and the environment but it is easy to find companies that offer the materials for sale that can deliver them right to your construction site.

Companies like ATAK Trucking offer bulk delivery of recycled materials throughout much of Northern and Central New Jersey, as well as in Staten Island, New York.  The materials offered by ATAK are appropriate for use as a sub-base for patios, walkways, driveways or roadways and can also be used for drainage.  The materials, which are reclaimed from projects throughout the area in which they are no longer being used and then prepared for re-use as necessary, are as effective as any new materials you can purchase at a higher cost.

Sustainability is a major concern for companies in all industries and of all sizes in today’s changing environmental climate.  Using recycled construction materials whenever possible can help you do your part in positively impacting the environment by re-using materials that may otherwise fill up valuable and ever-diminishing space in landfills.  As a big added bonus, your choice to go with materials that are reclaimed and recycled can improve your bottom line.  A win-win for all!

For more information about bulk delivery of recycled construction materials in NJ and NY, contact ATAK Trucking at 917-912-2900.