The Versatility Of Belgian Block

Belgian Block

Belgian BlockOriginally used as a means of paving roads, Belgian blocks have since evolved to become a highly sought-after material for driveways, curbs, pathways, walls and edgings, as well as for creating interesting landscaping elements.  The gray-toned stone is primarily used today more for decorative applications that the functional purposes of its origin, with uses of this versatile stone limited only by the imagination.

Belgian block is generally seen in relatively uniform rectangular shapes, which give the stone its telltale look, although cube blocks are also available to add to the design options.  Traditional blocks are usually 9” long by 5” wide and are 5” deep.  Jumbo and mini versions of the blocks are also available in a variety of lengths, widths and thicknesses.  For example, ATAK Trucking offers jumbo blocks that are 10” x 7” x 4” and mini versions that are 8” x 4” x 4”.  These mini versions, also referred to as landscaping blocks, work well with cube blocks that are 4” x 4” x 4”.

Although the look of the blocks evokes old-world cobblestone streets that were far more attractive than our modern-day asphalt roadways, the decorative applications for the stone can provide an upscale touch to any landscape.  These stones are as at home in a traditional landscape design as they are in a sleek and modern layout.  They are also commonly seen in a wide array of residential and commercial applications.  As an added bonus, the durability of the stone means that anything created with the blocks can last a lifetime.

Here just a few of the versatile uses of Belgian Block:

  • Curbing – Whether used as curbing for streets and roadways, or to set off a driveway, this attractive block creates an upscale appearance that adds value to a neighborhood or individual property.
  • Edging – Just as the block can set off streets and driveways, so too can it set off flower beds, planting areas, trees and garden areas.  The blocks separate areas while creating visual interest and dimension.  The strength of the blocks creates a solid element that can also prevent run off and erosion.
  • Driveways – Belgian block can be used in a similar manner as other pavers to create a durable, eye-catching and upscale-looking driveway.  The entire driveway can be designed using a pattern of these blocks or just a portion of the driveway can be offset for visual effect.  Some homeowners or business owners choose to welcome visitors by accenting the entrance of the driveway, or apron, with an attractive block design.
  • Walkways – Just as with roads or driveways, attractive and durable walkways can be created using a variety of block design patterns.
  • Patios – The blocks can be used to edge a patio or can be used to design the entire patio area in place of other types of pavers.
  • Walls – Whether you need a low-lying landscaping wall, a retaining wall or a privacy wall, Belgian block can provide the strength and durability you require with the beauty you desire.
  • Landscaping Elements – There are so many uses for this versatile material throughout a landscape design.  The blocks can be used to offset the top of a decorative Belgian wall, to create the base of raised planting beds, to construct dramatic entranceways and much more.

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