Unscreened Topsoil Delivery in NJ and Staten Island

ATAK Trucking offers wholesale pricing on unscreened topsoil, as well as bulk delivery in New Jersey and Staten Island with a 16 cubic yard minimum.  Our unscreened topsoil can be used for a number of landscaping uses on its own or in conjunction with screened topsoil.

In general, topsoil is the nutrient-dense top layer of soil that supplies the organic matter and nutrients grass, sod, plants, trees and flowers need to thrive.  However, since the best type of topsoil for planting is screened, unscreened topsoil is more often used to build up beds and areas where planting will occur once a final layer of topsoil that has been screened is applied.

The primary difference between screened and unscreened topsoil is that the unscreened variety still contains rocks, roots, sticks and other matter that has not be removed after excavating the top layer of soil from the ground.  Although not as smooth, clean and plant-ready as the screened variety, there are numerous uses for unscreened topsoil on both residential and commercial properties.

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Unscreened topsoil for sale

Names:  Unscreened topsoil may also be referred to as unscreened dirt, although this material that comes from the top layer of soil has more organic matter and nutrients than dirt.
Color:  Brown to black (may also contain stones, rocks, roots, sticks, etc).
Prices:  For more information about our wholesale unscreened topsoil prices, call Tom at 917-912-2900.
Delivery:  We offer bulk delivery of unscreened topsoil in Staten Island and most of New Jersey, including Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union, Upper Burlington and Upper Ocean County.  A 16 cubic yard minimum purchase is required.

Topsoil Calculator:  Use our free Topsoil Calculator to determine how much unscreened topsoil is needed for your coverage area.

Uses for Unscreened Topsoil: While topsoil is typically used for planting grass, sod, flowers, shrubs and trees, the unscreened variety is not always ideal for planting purposes because it contains rocks, roots, stones and sticks within the soil.  Unscreened topsoil is more often used in planting areas that don’t require the smoother and finer texture of screened soil, or where an additional layer of screened topsoil will be added to provide the final layer of soil in which to plant.  It is also used to build up planting beds, level off areas and to fill in locations that require additional soil.

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