Using Decorative Stone To Create A Beautiful, Low Maintenance Landscape

Decorative stone

Creating a landscape that you can spend more time enjoying rather than maintaining is easy with the use of decorative stone.  Gravel, crushed stone and various types of block can easily transform your yard, walkway and driveway into a work of art without the constant upkeep required when using organic materials.

Using decorative stone to create a one-of-a-kind driveway may be a good starting point.  Belgian and traditional landscape block can be used to create a custom design at the apron of your driveway or used instead of asphalt to recreate the look of your entire drive.  Adding custom stonework to the entryway of your house is a simple way to give your home a striking and impressive overall aesthetic.  When installed properly, your block driveway and walkways will last for decades to come.

If Belgian block just isn’t your preference or doesn’t fit your budget, you may consider using river gravel to create a new look for your driveway.  Gravel driveways and walkways will most likely require a small amount of additional stone to be added every few years in order to replace material that has been depleted due to water runoff and standard use, but otherwise require minimal upkeep.

Decorative stone is also commonly used to create low-maintenance flower beds as opposed to using organic mulches which decay and require yearly replacement.  Pea gravel is widely used to create custom-shaped beds that can add a focal design feature to your yard.  Some home gardeners prefer stone to mulch in many cases because of the decorative element it adds while providing good drainage properties.  River gravel is chosen most often due to its versatility and low cost. It is comfortable to work amongst since the stones have rounded edges and it is available in a variety of shades.

Decorative stone is also often utilized in areas where it is difficult to keep grass healthy and green.  Grass can become brown or die off due to lack of sun, lack of water, overwatering due to pooling caused by a depression or water runoff, or even high traffic.  Since most homeowners don’t prefer to walk through or entertain in areas that have become muddy or create a dry dust cloud when walked on, adding decorative gravel to the over or under-saturated areas will create more usable space for you to enjoy without a lot of fuss.

For example, adding stone around a fire pit will ensure that high traffic will not create bare spots in the grass and take away from the feature’s beauty.  Adding gravel to a children’s play area will provide a well-drained surface so that the kids can resume playing just minutes after a rain storm.  Decorative stone can also be used to create an independent sitting area complete with table and chairs or even an area housing a hammock between the trees that provide the abundance of shade that prohibits your grass from growing.

Using landscaping block as a border around decorative stone flower beds and entertaining areas will add a more polished look and will help keep the smaller stones from scattering throughout the yard.  Besides refreshing the very top layer of materials each year or two, using decorative stone to enhance your landscape gives you the opportunity to enjoy your yard instead of spending your weekends maintaining it.

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