Using Pea Gravel To Create A One-Of-A-Kind Entertainment Area

pea gravel walkway

If you are looking to add more outdoor entertainment space to your yard with great form and function, all on a tight budget, then pea gravel might be just what you’re looking for.  Most yards in the Northeast have some combination of grassy areas and hardscaped entertainment areas, and while a patio or deck made of pavers, hardwood or Belgian block might be what you originally imagined, your vision may be out of reach due to cost or be impractical for other reasons.

While you may have originally purchased your home because it had a large yard for friends and family to gather, you may find yourself inviting people over less often than you expected if the layout or amenities aren’t conducive to entertaining. There are many alternatives to expensive materials when creating a patio, fire pit area or even a play area for the kids, however.  For example, stones, rocks and gravel are used frequently in all sorts of outdoor landscaping designs.  Pea gravel, because of its versatility and shape, as well as its low maintenance needs and cost, is a common choice for creating entertainment areas of various types.

Play areas are one place you can use this versatile material.  Have you noticed when a swing set or play area is set on grass or sod that the sections with the highest traffic seem to die off and become a dirty, dusty or muddy spot that hinders the polished look of your backyard space?  The use of pea gravel will help keep down the dust, eliminate mud and puddles after a rain storm, and provide a finished look with minimum upkeep required.  Having a substantial layer of these stones means that rain can quickly drain and the kids can go out and play sooner rather than later.  Because the small stones are rounded, they are also relatively safe for children to play on (as long as they’re not young enough to put them in their mouths).

If you have recently installed a fire pit in your yard and have again noticed that the lush green grass surrounding the area used most often has become sparse and trampled, this durable material is a great solution.  Using stones of this sort to create a pea gravel fire pit area will help define the seating space and add contrast and texture to your yard, all while preserving the lawn you’ve spent so many weekends attending to.

Patios and sitting areas are also a great match for pea gravel.  Less expensive than block pavers, the stones will deliver a neat and stylish area in which to entertain.  The material will provide good drainage and will limit the amount of maintenance needed as compared to sod or alternative landscaping and building materials.  The rock’s smooth edges and uniformity make it an attractive option for patios, walkways and sitting areas, since it is pretty easy to walk on and can handle furniture placement with ease.  Keep in mind that furniture with thin legs may sink a little when using these stones so you may want to opt for furniture with wider legs and a broader base.

Pea gravel is low maintenance and doesn’t require watering or mowing like grass or sod.  It is also a great choice for areas that require good drainage for erosion prevention and is a great decorative element that can enhance the look of just about any outdoor living space.

For more information about the cost of pea gravel, or for using pea gravel to enhance the look of your backyard, contact ATAK Trucking, servicing NJ and Staten Island, at 917-912-2900.

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