Dirt for Bulk Delivery and Pick-Up

Dirt, fill dirt, screened dirt, & unscreened dirt for sale at wholesale prices. Atak trucking offers fill dirt delivered in bulk (16 cubic yard minimum) to Staten Island and most of New Jersey. Call 917-912-2900 for a free quote on fill dirt.

Fill Dirt for Sale
Dirt Type: Dirt or Fill Dirt
Dirt Color: Brown
Dirt Uses: Dirt is used to fill in holes, fill enbankments, raise ground level
  • Dirt Prices: To buy Dirt Fill call Tom for pricing 917-912-2900.
  • Dirt Delivery in Bulk: (16 Cubic Yard minimum) Fill Dirt delivered in bulk to Staten Island and most of NJ.
  • Dirt Picked-up: (No Minimum) Please Call for “Fill Dirt” availability at our location in East Brunswick, NJ. Ideal for customers in Monmouth, Middlesex, & Somerset counties of New Jersey.
  • Dirt Calculator: Try our Dirt Calculator to estimate how many Cubic Yards of Dirt to buy for your coverage area.



Truck Load of Fill Dirt


Bulk Dirt Fill

Fill dirt is earthy material which is used to fill in a depression or hole in the ground. While fill dirt is usually subsoil (soil from beneath the top soil) and underlying soil parent material which has little soil organic matter or biological activity. Fill dirt is taken from a location where soil is being removed as a part of leveling an area for construction; it may also contain rocks and stones as well as earth. Fill dirt should be as free of organic matter as possible since organic matter will decompose creating pockets of empty space within the fill which could result in settling. Settling of the fill can result in damage to any structures built on the fill. Fill Dirt defined by wikipedia.

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