3/4” Yellow Pea Gravel Delivery in NJ and Staten Island

Bulk delivery of 3/4” yellow pea gravel in NJ and Staten Island is available from ATAK Trucking, with a 20 ton minimum purchase. We offer wholesale pricing on 3/4 inch pea gravel, making this attractive, smooth stone an economical option for outdoor landscaping and hardscaping projects.

As a leading pea gravel supplier in NJ and Staten Island, the 3/4" variety of this material is only one type we sell. We also supply smaller sizes, as well as having a darker mix of gravel for sale. The material is commonly used in outdoor locations, such as walkways, driveways and planting beds, where it can impart beauty as well as functionality.

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3/4 inch yellow pea gravel for sale

Size:   Includes stones that are primarily 3/4 inches in diameter.
Color: Our yellow pea gravel mix has a mix of yellows, whites, grays, tans and beiges.
Names: 3/4” pea gravel may be referred to as garden gravel, garden stone, decorative gravel, decorative stone, blended gravel, river gravel, core gravel, pebbles, crushed rock or crushed stone. The stones are not crushed, however, but are mined and screened for size.

Delivery: We offer 3/4” pea gravel bulk delivery in Staten Island, NY and Northern and Central New Jersey, including Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Morris County, Passaic County, Somerset County, Sussex County, Union County, Upper Burlington County and Upper Ocean County. Bulk delivery requires a minimum purchase of 20 tons.

Prices: We offer wholesale 3/4” pea gravel pricing. For more information, call ATAK Trucking at 917-912-2900 and ask to speak to Tom.

Calculator: For help in determining how much 3/4 inch pea gravel you need, use our free Gravel Calculator. The calculator will estimate how many cubic yards of material to buy based on your desired coverage area (width, length and depth). If you call us at 917-912-2900, we’ll also be happy to help you determine how much you need.

Uses For 3/4 Inch Pea Gravel:

Pea gravel, as the name implies, is comprised of small sized stones that are round and are close to the size of a pea. The naturally smooth stones are sifted through a series of screens so that all stones are predominantly the same size. The material is primarily used in outdoor landscaping and hardscaping projects, where the stone can impart beauty as well as functionality, with 3/4" being one of the more popular sizes utilized in this capacity.

Some common uses are:

  • In gardens and planting beds. Used in place of mulch to add a decorative element, help with drainage and prevent the growth of weeds (a weed barrier should be laid underneath for best results).
  • For walkways and pathways, either alone or around larger stepping stones to create visual contrast.
  • On driveways. Pea gravel driveways are aesthetically pleasing yet functional and are typically less expensive to install than other types of driveway materials.  Depth should be limited to a maximum of 2 – 3 inches, however.
  • For patios and playgrounds.

3/4” pea gravel is utilized in both residential and commercial properties. We sell to homeowners, landscapers, landscape suppliers, landscape design companies, nurseries, garden centers, builders, private contractors and parks departments, among others.

For more information about our wholesale pricing and bulk delivery options of 3/4” pea gravel in NJ and Staten Island, call ATAK Trucking at 917-912-2900.



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