Screened Topsoil Delivered in NJ and Staten Island

Screened topsoil is available for bulk delivery in New Jersey and Staten Island by ATAK Trucking, with a 18 cubic yard minimum purchase required.  We offer wholesale pricing on screened topsoil and have been providing our quality screened topsoil to landscapers, nurseries, garden centers, municipalities, contractors and homeowners since 1986.

Our premium topsoil is screened to remove stones, rocks, roots and sticks from the nutrient-dense top layer of soil that contains organic matter and nutrients that grass, sod, plants, trees and flowers need to thrive.  Our screened topsoil is independently tested for sand, silt and clay content, as well as PH levels, nutrients and organic matter.  This allows us to find the best topsoil mixture to suite your specific planting needs.

The primary uses for screened topsoil are for seeding and sodding of lawns, as well as planting in gardens and planting beds.

Need to buy screened topsoil?  Contact ATAK Trucking at 917-912-2900 to find out more about wholesale pricing and bulk delivery of screened topsoil.

Wholesale Pricing 18 Cubic Yards Minimum

screened Topsoil for sale

Names:  Screened topsoil may also be referred to as screened dirt, but this top-most layer of soil has more organic matter and nutrients than dirt.
Color:  Brown to black (the darker the soil, the more nutrients it typically contains).
Prices:  For more information about our wholesale pricing on screened topsoil, call ATAK Trucking at 917-912-2900 and speak with Tom.
Delivery:  We offer delivery of bulk screened topsoil in Staten Island and New Jersey, including Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union, Upper Burlington and Upper Ocean County (18 cubic yard minimum purchase required).

Topsoil Calculator:   To determine how much screened topsoil you need, use our free Topsoil Calculator

Screened Topsoil Uses: Topsoil is the most nutrient-dense layer of soil at the top of the earth (typically 2 – 8” in depth).  Once screened to remove sticks, stones, rocks, roots and other debris, topsoil offers an ideal planting medium for grass, flowers, plants, shrubs and trees.  Screened topsoil is used as a base to seed and sod lawns, as well as in gardens and flower beds.  The nutrients, minerals and organic matter found in premium screened topsoil helps plants thrive.

Call ATAK Trucking at 917-912-2900 for more information about our screened topsoil for sale in NJ and Staten Island.

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