All Sand Is Not The Same

not the same sand

sand varietiesWith temperatures beginning to moderate in NJ and NY, homeowners and property managers are turning their thoughts to the outdoor projects that have been put on the back burner during cooler winter months.  From new construction to maintenance projects, many of these exterior projects may require the use of sand.  But if you are looking for bulk sand for your project, will any type do?

Unless you are a building, masonry or landscaping professional, you may not realize that there is a variety of different types of sand to choose from, and which type you require will be dependent in part on what kind of project you are tackling.  Sand varieties can vary in color, texture and overall use.

Here is an overview of some of the different choices available:

  • Beach sand – This option has a fine texture and typically comes in the colors that you associate with a walk on the NJ shore or a NY beach.  Colors include a mixture of white, beige, grey, tan and brown.  This type is typically used to create a faux beach and may be found in playgrounds and beach volleyball courts.  It’s also a good option for sandboxes.
  • Utility sand – This option, also called “pipe” or “fill”, also contains fine particles and comes in the same colors as the beach variety, a mixture of white, beige, gray, tan and brown.  It is typically used to fill sand bags and holes, as well as to back-fill utility pipes and trenches.  It may also be used in horse arenas.
  • Bank run sand – This varies from a fine to coarse texture and has some clay and a small amount of gravel in it.  The sand comes in a color mixture of beiges, golds and tans.  It is typically used as fill and to back-fill trenches.
  • Mason sand – Also containing fine particles, this color mix includes beiges, tans and browns or can be obtained in a white/grey color mixture.  This type is typically used to mix with mortar or concrete when laying bricks, stone or blocks and is often used in the construction of patios.  The white variety is used to create a white mortar line between light-colored bricks and blocks.
  • Concrete sand – This has a coarse consistency and comes in a color mixture of beiges, tans and browns.  It is used for mixing with cement and may also be used in septic systems.  One option of this type of sand is ASTM C-33.
  • Septic sand – Colored in a mixture of white, beige, gray, tan and brown, this sand is used for septic systems.  There are two options to choose from:  K-4 and K-5.

As you can see, there are a number of varieties of sand available and it’s important to select the proper type to meet your project needs.  If you are unsure of what type you need or how much sand to order, you can contact the professionals at ATAK Trucking or can utilize the materials calculator available on our website.

For more information about bulk sand delivery in NJ and Staten Island, contact ATAK Trucking at 917-912-2900.

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