Don’t Forget The Details: Using Belgian Block

Belgian block project

Many homeowners in the Northeast may still be digging out from under the snow, but they’re also starting to get excited thinking about their spring landscaping projects as they shovel their way down the driveway.  With so many DIY home improvement shows on TV these days, it’s hard not to get inspired to join the crowd and add some curb appeal of your own. Whether you are planning a new driveway, walkway, garden pathway or patio, don’t forget the detail work that is sure to make your new project stand above the rest.  Belgian block is a great material to work with when adding a unique design element to an ordinary space or design plan.

Landscape Belgian block is often used to create one-of-a-kind designs in driveways, entranceways and curbs.  It can easily be used as an accent in a predominantly concrete design plan or can be used as a stand-alone material to create a more intricate overall design.  Since the block itself is so durable and eye-catching, many homeowners take the opportunity to showcase it to its best ability by creating a herringbone pattern throughout the driveway or use the block to form a concentric circular pattern in the center of the drive.  This type of stone is inherently more costly than concrete or asphalt, so if you want the old world look without breaking the bank, you may opt to use the block as an accent to create a beautiful driveway border, along with a unique inlay or custom apron design.  The mixed materials will complement each other well with color and texture variation, and will help keep the project within budget.

When designing a new patio space using Belgian block, the design options are virtually limitless.  Since a patio is often less restrictive in size and shape as opposed to a driveway, the block can be used to dictate a more free-form layout.  Using the stones in multiple circular patterns is a great way to create separate and distinguished entertainment areas within the same space.  When creating these patterns, it is easy to give the illusion of several spaces in one. For use in patios and adjoining walkways as well, the block can be used as the primary material or as an accent or border to add some charm to more budget-conscious material use.  To tie the look together, the stones can easily be used throughout the yard as a border for flower beds and sheds for a look that is pulled together and polished.

Belgian block has been used in Europe since the Middle Ages for streets and walkways, some which are still in use today. It is versatile and can be used as a base on which to drive or walk, as well as a border or decorative accent material.  Since it is so versatile, durable and attractive, Belgian block is widely preferred to alternative materials when creating an environment that will last a lifetime.

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