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Landscape Gravel


When planning an overall landscape design, there are many factors that should be considered in the finished design in addition to the living plants, trees and flowers that will add texture and color to your property.  Other factors such as hardscape elements (walkways, patios, etc.) as well as how you accent living features can greatly enhance the completed design.  For example, something as simple as opting for gravel instead of mulch can add visual interest to your proposed plan.

There are a number of reasons why gravel is such a popular choice in residential and commercial landscape designs.  For one, it is long-lasting.  This means that rather than having to lay new mulch every year or two because the material breaks down over time, you can lay the material once and it will look as good years down the road as it does on the day you initially put it down.  While the initial cost may be higher, the fact that you don’t need to keep replacing gravel can add up to big savings in the long run.

Another benefit is that the smooth stone material adds interesting texture to a landscape.  Instead of the typical dirt or mulch that most people have come to expect in planting beds, adding a layer of landscape gravel can introduce a new textural element that really sets off plants, shrubs and flowers.  Just as with interior design, exterior design relies on a varied mixture of textures as well as colors to maximize visual appeal.

Speaking of color, choosing this material as a ground cover can add to the array of colors accenting the yard.  Rather than just sticking to one primary color, as you do with mulch (black, brown, red, etc), the colors in a gravel mixture will vary and can make an interesting decorative statement.  If you choose the river variety, for example, you can expect the stones to be comprised of a mixture of gray hues accented by browns, beiges, tans, reds, whites and yellows.  Just about every color in the spectrum is included to some extent and the overall color palette will be impacted in part by the location from which the small stones are sourced.

If you prefer a lighter color palette, you can instead opt for a variety of yellow pea gravel which will include predominantly yellow hues accented by whites and pale beiges and grays.  The colors you choose will set the tone for the overall look of your landscaping.  Factors such as the exterior color of your home, surrounding hardscape elements and the types of specimens that will be planted in any particular area should help you choose the most appropriate color mix to create the look you desire.

Atak Trucking Supplies Bulk Landscape Gravel

In addition to adding visual interest and being long-lasting, you’ll also enjoy other benefits from gravel, such as improved drainage and weed-blocking.  Just be sure that when you install the material, you lay an appropriate weed barrier for maximum protection.

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