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recycled materialsConstruction and landscaping projects generally require a great deal of material usage, and one sure-fire way to green up your project is with the use of recycled materials.  When it comes to outdoor projects, there are a number of situations in which reusing materials works just as well as using never-been-used-before materials.

If you are in the market for buying recycled materials, you may have heard the word recycled concrete aggregate or RCA.  This material is comprised of concrete from old concrete projects, such as pavement, sidewalks, curbing and even building slabs or foundations.  Once reclaimed, the concrete is processed and crushed into smaller pieces, and for this reason, you may also hear this material being referred to as recrushed concrete.  Any steel pieces that are in the concrete are also removed using a magnet during this process.

You can also get recycled stone, which is simply stone that has been previously used before but is still in its same state.  Just as with clean stone, you have a choice of sizes.  For example, one popular size is 3/4“, which is comprised primarily of individual stones in mixed colors that are close to 3/4” in size.  If you need larger sized stone, you can also opt to get this material in 1 1/2” size, among others.

Why use these types of materials?  For one, it is an environmentally friendly option that keeps material out of landfills.  Since materials are being reused, it also cuts down on the usage of raw materials, such as the components that make up concrete, as well as rock and stone.  Of course, one big draw for contractors and project managers alike is that these types of materials are also less expensive than their counterparts comprised of previously unused materials.  In large projects, such as for roadways, this can add up to substantial savings.  Even in smaller projects, such as home patios and walkways, the cost savings provides benefits that are simply icing on the cake after a choice that already does good for the environment.

One suitable purpose for recycled materials is for use in drainage projects as septic drains, French drains, retaining wall drains, foundation drains and roadside edge drains.  In these situations, using stone or recycled aggregate that has been reclaimed from other projects still allows the materials to be suitable to serve as a sub-base to improve drainage, although recycled stone is not quite as efficient as quarry stone in this capacity.

As mentioned earlier, this material is also suitable as a sub-base for projects such as concrete patios, walkways or roadways.    The uniform properties of aggregates provide a predictable and stable foundation.  In fact, properties of some materials, such as RCA, have been shown to stabilize wet and soft soils, which provide an added bonus.

If you are planning a construction or landscaping project, consider using recycled materials to not only green up the environment, but to leave a bit more green in your own wallet.

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