How Reliable Is Your Building Materials Supplier?

building materials supplier

If you are a building or landscaping contractor, you know first-hand just how important it is to work with a reliable source for your building, construction and landscaping materials.  Not all materials are created equal, literally, and neither are all supply companies.  Being confident that you will receive the highest quality product, in the correct quantity, on time and at a reasonable price can make all the difference in the success or failure of the completed project.

Keep in mind that time is money and failure to stay on schedule due to an unreliable supplier can cost you more than a few dollars.  Here are a few things to consider when looking for a reliable supplier of dirt, gravel, sand or stone.


Not all constructions materials are of the same quality.  There are various types and qualities of materials which sometimes look very similar but may provide a different outcome to the finished product, such as fill dirt that is primarily free of organic matter versus fill dirt that contains organic matter.  This material is commonly used to fill in a depression, so it should not contain organic matter that will eventually decompose, settle and negatively affect the integrity of the structure that it is meant to support.  Having the right materials delivered is an integral part of any successful construction project.  Confer with trusted associates to find a materials supplier that provides high quality materials.


As with any construction or landscaping project, adhering to a strict schedule is of the essence.  Many jobs have multiple crews on site to handle different aspects of the design.  Choreographing the most effective work schedule around a multitude of workers can be daunting to say the least, so when the supplier doesn’t deliver on time, or shorts the load, it can cause a domino effect of delays for multiple crews.  If you are installing a new driveway and the gravel is not delivered on time, the laying of the asphalt will then be behind schedule as well. When a crew has to wait around, money is being wasted and your schedule can be severely compromised.  Make sure that the supplier that you choose to work with has the materials on hand and that they have a good track record for delivering on time.


Your profit margin not only depends on how efficiently the project is managed, but heavily relies on the cost of the raw materials used to complete the project.  Call a few suppliers to compare pricing.  Materials like Belgian block may differ in price from one supplier to another.  Local suppliers should be able to offer you quality materials at a reasonable price.


If you are working on a larger project that involves the use of an assortment of materials, such as a landscaping project using a variety of gravel sizes, sand and topsoil, find a company that can supply you with all the materials you need.  Using the same company will save you time and help alleviate delivery delays.  Speaking with local professionals should offer invaluable assistance when looking for a supplier who can meet all of your construction, building and landscaping material needs.

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