Material Calculator now available on Atak Trucking

Atak Trucking is pleased to announce the release of their Material Calculator, now available online.

Matawan, New Jersey, 1/08/09Materials Calculator

Atak Trucking introduces their new construction materials calculator, which calculates the Cubic Yards of Topsoil, Dirt, Gravel, Stone, Sand, and Aggregate materials needed for your next construction or landscaping project.

Atak’s new construction material calculator will help users figure out how many Cubic Yards of materials they will need in two easy steps. First, users need to determine the coverage area of the material needed. The calculator offers different shape calculations based on your particular area.


  • Box Coverage Area– For a square or rectangular shape area, simply enter in the length and width of the desired coverage area. The materials calculator offers seven different “Box Areas”, which allows you to simultaneously calculate multiple areas (front yard, back yard, garden, driveway, etc.).
  • Circular Coverage Area– For a circular shape area, simply enter the diameter of the area, the material’s calculator offers four different “Circular Areas”, which allows you to simultaneously calculate multiple circular shape areas (gardens, tree beds, driveways, etc.).

The next step is to simply input the desired depth of the material. The material’s calculator will automatically calculate the total cubic yards of materials you will need.

We hope our website visitors and clients will utilize our material calculator to help them better plan and estimate their next materials purchase. If you would like to try the construction material calculator please visit our Materials Calculator.

Please note: our construction material calculator is designed to measure Topsoil, Dirt, Sand, Gravel, Stone and Aggregate materials based on a one inch or less size. It can also be utilized for larger material as long as the depth is greater than the size of the material. For example: you cannot use two inch stone based on a one inch depth.

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