Sand Is Not Just For Beach Fun

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sandIt’s hard to imagine living in Staten Island, New Jersey or anywhere else along the shore and conjuring up images of anything but hot days in the sun and surf when the word sand comes to mind.  But when it comes to this fine granular substance, a day at the beach is not the only place the material belongs or may be found.  In fact, various types of sand are used in a vast array of construction projects, both commercial and residential in nature, and the material is a key element in many types of building and landscaping plans.

Sure, there is no doubt that sand is in endless abundance at the beach, and it’s the only place you may ever think of it being useful, or at least enjoyable to utilize.  But the material is also a key element in many types of masonry projects, as well as those involving fill and/or drainage.

For example, if you are in need of making concrete, you’ll need to add some of the beige substance to the mix in order to get the finished product you desire.  A number of masonry projects also require some color of sand, whether the typical beige color or a lighter, whiter shade.  In these cases, the substance is not only used mixed with concrete to lay bricks, stones and blocks but it is also used mixed with mortar to create the mortar lines.  You’ll use the beige variety for most types of bricks, blocks and stone, but if you are laying lighter colored materials, you’ll likely opt for the whiter version.

Installing a septic system?  You may need to use septic sand to complete your project.  Some systems rely on the material to filter the water, working as a biological filter as the water passes through before entering the soil due to the microorganisms that naturally exist.  This may be a viable option in areas where there is poor soil, high groundwater or shallow bedrock, as well as other restrictions that make other types of filtering systems not feasible.

Other uses of this natural substance are for use as fill.  Rather than just using dirt, sand is sometimes used to backfill trenches, holes or areas where utility pipes are installed.  This serves to fill the area, while providing adequate drainage.  As those of you that have weathered their share of storms near the water may know, it can also be used to fill sandbags when needed to thwart off the onslaught of water brought about by Mother Nature.

Of course, sometimes uses for sand showcase the features that we expect to see from the substance.  While it may not be on a beach, the fine grains can be used to create a volleyball court, a beach-like area near a pool or a lake, or they can even be used in horse arenas or to highlight a variety of landscape elements.

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