Discover The Versatility of Crushed Stone

Crushed stone walkway

Nearly no other construction material is as versatile as crushed stone, with more uses than most people can imagine. One of the reasons that there are so many uses for this natural material is that the stone can be purchased in a large selection of sizes.  Additionally, there is a variety of material types that fall under the category of crushed stone, with different variations being used for different types of projects.

Most crushed stone is used for landscaping and hardscaping projects, as well as for projects ranging from the installation of drainage and storm water management systems to road work.  Landscapers, builders, contractors, homeowners and state/local municipalities rely on the versatile material for many of their outdoor projects.

Homeowners, as well as contractors and landscapers that work on residential properties, often use one or more sizes of crushed stone for a myriad of outdoor projects.  The stone can be used as a base when installing pavers, bricks, blocks or stone to create patios, pool surrounds, walkways and driveways, for example.  The material is also commonly used in conjunction with the design and installation of drainage systems, as well as being used with septic systems.

Although some people interchangeably use the terms crushed stone and gravel, the material can also be used as a decorative element in landscaping and hardscaping projects as well.  Some of the more common uses include driveways and walkways, as well as to enhance the overall look of landscape elements such as planting beds.

Commercial properties generally have a great need for crushed stone in a variety of sizes.  As with residential outdoor construction, the material is often used as a base when laying pavers, bricks, blocks or stone to create walkways, patio areas and other hardscaping features.  Stone is also used as a base for interlocking walls and a variety of other outdoor elements, ranging from tracking pads to bike paths.  Perhaps one of the most common uses for bulk stone is as a base for roadways and parking lots.  DOT-approved crushed stone is sought by municipalities, departments of transportation, parks departments and independent contractors to meet a host of commercial construction and roadway needs.

Most crushed stone comes in a spectrum of grayish hues and is available in a wide selection of sizes, ranging from stone dust (1/4” or less in diameter) to 2 ½” stone and larger.  The size of stone needed for any particular project will depend primarily on what the stone is being used for.  The amount of stone required for a project can be calculated using a stone calculator, or by providing some basic details about coverage area to a bulk crushed stone supplier like ATAK Trucking.

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