Prep Tips for Summer Landscaping Projects

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Looking to get some projects done around your house this summer?  If your to-do list is filled with outdoor landscaping projects, it’s important to know what you need before you start digging or building. There’s nothing worse than getting started with a project, only to find out that one essential material or tool you need was not on your checklist and all work has to cease until you can get what you’re missing.

Doing a landscaping project this summer?  Of course, you’ll need some dirt if you’re building planting beds, laying sod or planting trees. But keep in mind that for your plants to thrive, you’ll also need a few inches of topsoil.  Regular dirt does not have the nutrients needed to keep your plants healthy and growing.  In contrast, topsoil is nutrient-dense and provides what you need to keep things thriving.

If you’re thinking of doing a complete landscaping overhaul, whether you’re starting from scratch or simply adding to what’s already there, you may also want to add some gravel or crushed stone into the design for a nice visual effect.  Many homeowners use the gravel or stone in place of mulch to provide contrast and to set areas of the landscaping off.  This can really up the wow factor of your front or back yard while requiring minimal effort.

You may also want to surround planting beds or other areas of your yard with Belgian block or other stones to set the planting areas apart from the rest of the yard.  These are attractive and relatively easy to install.  Belgian blocks are also an attractive way to finish off your driveway or the edge of a sidewalk.

Planning on building your own patio?  Of course, you’ll need whatever material you’ll be using to create the patio.  But you’ll also likely need dirt and/or sand, as well as crushed stone or gravel, to create a solid and level base.

Don’t forget that you’ll need plenty of tools, too!  The type of tools you’ll need will depend on the type of project you’re working on.  Some that you’ll likely use no matter what you set out to do include a shovel, space, rake, tape measure, level, wooden stakes, string, gloves and safety glasses.  You may need a wheelbarrow if you are moving materials from one location to another. Marking paint is helpful if you need to plan out the area to be worked on. A hose will be necessary if you’re planting flowers, shrubs or trees.  A masonry saw may be required if you are building a patio out of stone or pavers. If you’re undertaking a rather large project, you may need to hire a backhoe or rent some heavy machinery.

Being prepared before you start your outdoor landscaping project will reduce headaches and will make for a more successful ending.

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