With Summer Here, Now Is The Time To Get Those Outdoor Projects Completed

landscaping materials for summer projects

landscaping materials for summer projectsThe summer solstice officially falls this year on Saturday, June 21st but for many, summer begins as soon as Memorial Day has come and gone.  No matter when you signal the beginning of summer, it’s clear that this is the time of year that many people get outdoors and start working on the outdoor projects they may have put off throughout the cooler months.

If landscaping is on your list of things to do this summer, there are some basic materials you’ll need to start with before you can begin planting trees, shrubs or flowers.  If you don’t already have flower beds in place and ready to go, the first thing you’ll need to do is to get some dirt.  If you are creating new flower beds in areas where they never existed before, you’ll likely need a bulk dirt delivery.  This will be much more economical and effective than trying to buy and lug enough bags of the brown stuff from the local garden center or home improvement store to your home.

Once you have your beds in place and built up to the height you want them, you’ll want to then top them off with a layer of topsoil.  Although you may think that what you have in place already is good enough, the fact is that topsoil contains nutrients and organic matter that your plants need to thrive and grow, and subsoil simply doesn’t have enough to keep your plantings healthy and sustained.

After you’ve got your flower beds finished off and have planted all trees, shrubs or flowers, you’ll likely want to finish the beds off with some mulch or crushed stone.  This not only gives the landscaping a more finished look (and keeps weeds at bay), but it also helps to retain moisture so your plants don’t dry up in the heat of the summer sun.  Some people prefer the look of mulch, which comes in a variety of different colors and textures, while others prefer the look of small landscaping rock.  The former is a less expensive option initially, but has to be replaced every year or two because the mulch breaks down.   In contrast, once you make the investment in the rocks, you do not need to keep replacing them since they are inorganic matter that will not break down over time.

If hardscaping is on your list of things to do, whether you are looking to build a patio, add some pizzazz to your driveway or install a meandering walkway through your yard, you’ll have many design and material choices to consider.  Depending on what option you choose, keep in mind that you may need to order materials such as sand, dirt or gravel to prepare the base beneath your structure in order to get your project off the ground and done right.

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